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Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorney David Romito

If you are considering filing for Bankruptcy in the Pittsburgh area, please call my office for a free consultation.

Pittsburgh Attorney David Romito

I understand what you are going through. Tough financial times and a deteriorating economic climate have made things difficult for everyone. Creditors harassing you to pay bills that you cannot afford. The loss of a job of yourself or your spouse. Bills are piling up. It is important to find the right attorney to assist you. You can be confident in knowing that I have represented many clients in your position.

The New Bankruptcy Law, The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, went into effect on 10/17/2005, containing changes that greatly affect your bankruptcy filing options. Under the old rules, most filers could choose the type of bankruptcy that seemed best for them – and most chose Chapter 7 (liquidation) over Chapter 13 (repayment). The new law will prohibit some filers with higher incomes from using Chapter 7; they will instead have to repay at least some of their debt under Chapter 13. All debtors will have to receive credit counseling before they can file a bankruptcy case – and additional counseling on budgeting and debt management before their debts can be eliminated. And, because the law imposes new requirements on lawyers, it may be tougher to find an attorney to represent you in a bankruptcy case.

You can be confident in knowing that I am fully versed on the important aspects of the New Bankruptcy Law, and that I can help you understand – and determine - your eligibility for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy under the so-called “Means Test”.

The Means Test: The first step in figuring out whether you can file for Chapter 7 is to measure your "current monthly income" – based on income earned over the 6 months before filing – against the median income for a household of your size in your state. If your income is less than or equal to the median, you can file for Chapter 7. If it is more than the median, however, you must complete a "means test" calculation in order to file for Chapter 7. The purpose of the means test is to figure out whether you have enough disposable income, after subtracting certain allowed expenses and required debt payments, to make payments on a Chapter 13 plan. To find out whether you pass the means test, you subtract certain allowed expenses and debt payments from your current monthly income. If the income that's left over after these calculations is below a certain amount, you can file for Chapter 7.

Contact my office today for a consultation. I can help you decide if Bankruptcy is the right choice for you, and you can rest assured that your case will be handled the right way. My office is located in Monroeville, PA and we offer assistance to all counties surrounding the Greater Pittsburgh area.